New Year’s Eve, EVE Ride…

Everybody knows that Rudyard Kipling’s birthday is the Eve of New Year’s Eve, which falls on Sunday, December 30 this year.  In celebration thereof, we have planned a gravel-licious ride departing from North Central Cyclery on 12/30/12.

Depart promptly at 8am.  If weather and roads are clear, it’ll be gravel bikes for 164k.  If weather and roads are snowy, it’ll be fatbikes (or your chosen ride–mountain bike, etc.) on gravel and B-roads for 88k.  Either way, fun times will ensue.

This will be self-supported.  Plan on stopping at poorly provisioned rural gas stations and/or catching and preparing wild game animals along the way.  There will not be a SAGwagon or rider support.

If you’re thinking of joining us, drop me a message and let me know to look for you.  This will not be a hammer ride…but we are covering some distance and will keep moving.  It’s a perfect opportunity to show off your new Axletree Jersey.


3 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve, EVE Ride…

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