Avid HSX Brake Rotors

With the recent wheel upgrades on the Vaya, some blingier rotors were in order.  My initial hope to use Hope 2 piece rotors was dashed, when they conflicted with the BB7 brakes on the Vaya (the rivet holding the steel and aluminum together hit the brake caliper body).

Second choice was a set of Avid HSX aluminum/steel 2 piece rotors, which fit perfectly.


This is just an install post–no miles on them yet.

Weight savings are marginal.  112 grams for a set of regular Avid rotors with about 10,000 miles on ’em:


100 grams for the HSX:


Interestingly, the black allen screws for the regular rotors come in at 12 grams for all 6:


And the silver ones (not sure what metal…) with the HSX are exactly 1/2 that weight.


So overall, 36 grams (1.25 ounces) of weight loss–not really significant.

But they look mavvvvvvelous.


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