XX1 In The Flesh.

I haven’t ridden it…but I’ve seen it.

That’s a 10-42 tooth cassette.

For comparison, here’s a 11-21T cassette.

XX1 Type 2 Derailleur.

Lockout button for easy wheel changes.

New Linkage.

It’s hard to show in a picture, but the new linkage moves on a different arc than a standard rear derailleur…it’s really noticeable in person.

The cassette is a beautiful piece of machining.

32T chainring.

My, what big teeth you have…

Relatively normal looking trigger shifter.

Size comparison to a PHOTOBOMB. standard MTB cassette.

Hard to tell here, but the chain is palpably thinner than a standard chain.

I knew it would be big, but I’m flatly amazed at how HUGE a 10-42T cassette is.


I’ll be curious to see how it looks on a bike.  Not my bike.  But a bike.


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