Downtime, Uptime.

I’ve had a few days off the blog, and off the internetz in general. No writing, no forums, no bleh.

Ok, a little Facecrack, but that doesn’t count, does it?

The time off was motivated by a few things, not ranked in order:

  1. I was feeling a little meh about blogging, in part due to some recent over-blogging, and in part due to ongoing existential blog angst.
  2. I wanted an unplugged holiday.  Time that would have been spent blogging was instead spent playing games with a particularly smart 4.9 year old.
  3. Ride more, type less.

Pretty simple, really.  That said, I did get in some great rides.  Thanksgiving Eve saw the second annual Ridiculous Fatbike Ride of Northern Illinois.  Last year, we rode powerline trails through mud so deep that the Mukluk wouldn’t shift, on the Burrito Repeato.  Post ride, it looked like this:

And of course, last year, there was a Narwhal siting…which is pretty hard to beat in the Midwest.

But we set out to ride, nonetheless.  It was a ride of many surfaces.  There was a little spattering of pavement, a good hunka-chunka gravel, some mud, some railroad tracks, some railroad embankments, a creek, a pond, powerlines, a forest preserve, chisel-plowed fields, soybean fields, ditches, bridges, grasslands, prairie, walking paths, and a few other improved and unimproved surfaces.

Chad didn’t learn from participating last year, so he was back again…

Joined by BPaul “I am Ironman”, the official Goretex Model of North Central Cyclery

And Chad “the Beard” Biketographer, who was baptizing his new orange Mukluk:

And there was Aaron…who was riding his new Beargrease so fast, I didn’t catch him on the bike.

Riding railroad tracks was amusing, albeit slightly jarring…

Riding Chisel-Plowing was also jarring, but less amusing.

Riding bean-stubble was more fun than I had remembered.  Sporting my Husker Düs, I had no problems with flats, even riding across some pretty tough, frosted bean stubble.  I was running about meh psi up front, and a hair more than meh in the rear.  Handling was perfect.

The ride reminded me of the glory of fatbikes.  Ride anywhere, on any surface.  Not particularly fast, not slow…but ride in any direction.  On anything.  Including ponds.

Saturday morning, I hit the regular Road Ride at NCC, where we were joined by BPaul’s 70-something uncle, who had brought his Speshy road bike down from Minnesota to ride with us, eh?

Disappointingly, he did not have an accent, eh?

That was the only disappointment.  I hope when I’m 70, I can ride like he does.  I hope when I’m 70, I do ride like he does.  It’s nice to have a ride like that–where I can see that my cycling career has decades and decades to go.  It was cold (25), but not windy or raining, and the miles just kind of poured out of us.

I did a little bit of other riding and bike tweaking over the weekend, but nothing too memorable.  Laid-back week, laid-back rides.  Winter’s here, Holmes.


I need to convince Chad to do some crazy massive ride soon.



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