Overwrought/Underthought Video of the Day

From Mario Cipollini.


FILM BOND from Mcipollini on Vimeo.

A great video concept, and an interesting bike, for sure. I’ll even accept that the gratuitious sexism is for the purposes of the Bond genre. But is it really critical to the film’s aesthetic to have him descending on a narrow mountain road, at high speeds, without a helmet? My humble opinion: that’s just stupid. And lest you say, “closed road, what’s the harm,” here’s the ‘making of’ video. There’s traffic…including a rider who was buzzed at 5:22.

Cipollini Bond – Behind the scene 1 from Mcipollini on Vimeo.

I frankly just don’t get it. I guess his hair would have been mussed.


One thought on “Overwrought/Underthought Video of the Day

  1. Ahhh. It is good to see Mario still knows how to have fun and how to be non-PC. As far as I remember he was never what you may call a “sensible role model” and neither are his bikes. So I am happy to take them for what they are. oh, and the boat was not half bad either 🙂

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