Gore Product Request

Dear Gore,

If you read RATG, I have a simple request:

Please come out with some new uber-gloves.  Here are my detailed specifications:

  • Windstopper material.  (Heck, I’d be ok with goretex instead, provided you give it good insulation inside).
  • True lobster-mitt design (2 finger, 2 finger, thumb), with no separation between the 2 fingers.
  • Reflective trim/piping.
  • Mini-gauntlet wrist with velcro closure at the outside (to go over your sleeve) and elastic band at the base of your wrist (to close off hand from gauntlet).  The velcro should be on the underside of the wrist.
  • Gel padding in the palm of the hand for cycling comfort.
  • Grippy gel on the trigger finger area, for grippiness on brakes/brifters.
  • Insulation galore.
  • Snot-wiper thumb cover.
  • Maybe a rubber goggle-wiper on the thumb…if you can design one that works.
  • Don’t make the thumb too short.  Make it long enough to leave a little airgap at the end.  A little grippy texture on the thumb would be helpful, too.
  • Nice heavy material on the palm (leather?)
  • A useful pocket for handwarmers…if you can put it in a location on the back of the hand, close to the skin, where it will do some good.
  • Custom RATG Embroidery.

Yes, I see the Radiator gloves.  No, I don’t want 3 finger mittens.  I want goat-hoof mittens.  I want warm goat-hoof mittens.  (What is the point of 3 finger mittens?  What do you need your middle finger free for?  I mean if you want your trigger finger free, I can see that (a la Sugoi’s design).  But the middle finger?)

I have a long list of other projects for you, too…like a Windstopper overcoat and a Goretex trenchcoat for work.  But let’s start small.  A pair of gloves.  And if your market studies don’t support the need for RATG Embroidery, I’m negotiable on that item.

Yours truly,

A Gore Superfan


2 thoughts on “Gore Product Request

  1. As a sram user I keep the index finger on the break levers and shift with the middle finger, so Gore might be onto something with that design.

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