Bontrager Neoprene Toe Cover Review

A couple of months ago, I looked at toe covers and didn’t see the point.  In warm weather, bike shoes.  In cold weather, my Shimano MW-81s.  In in-between weather…well, try heavy socks, and either be a bit cold or a bit warm.

It’s that in-between that toe covers are made for.  Like arm warmers, they’re here to make things juuuuuust right.  The other day, it was 40 and sunny, with 20mph winds.  Road shoes might have been a bit cool, but the MW81s were overkill.  Complete shoe covers would also have been overkill.  The toe covers worked PERFECTLY.

That’s really all there is to say.  They’re there for when it’s just a bit cool, just a bit wet, and you want warm toes.  Warm toes = warm feet.  Cold toes = unpleasant ride.  I’m a 44 in just about all bike shoes…which equates to L/XL in the toe covers.  They’re very stretchy, and would fit a wide variety of sizes.

They’re $15.  What are you risking?



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