Arcteryx Hyllus Hooded Jacket Review

Part 2 of my Arcteryx addiction is the Hyllus Jacket.

Your traditional softshell on the outside, with cushy fuzzy furries on the inside.  Polartec Powershell O2 exterior.

Traditional Arcteryx arm pocket.

Nice pockets. Again, these are low mounted…they will not clear a backpack hip belt.

Fuzzy interior and stash pocket.

Nice hood with cinch cords.

The hood is NOT QUITE BIG ENOUGH for a helmet.  You cannot zip the zipper fully whilst helmeted.

How nice is the Hyllus?

It is the first piece of gear I’ve ever brought home where the first thing Mrs. RATG said, upon trying it on, was “I want one.  Now.”  Well, she said it nicer, but that’s the gist.  It’s a really, really nice jacket.

As far as I can tell, it is basically fully waterproof.  I’ve worn it in total downpours, dumpers, thunderstorms.  Not a hint of water came through.  The black is low-key enough that I can comfortably wear it to a formal environment at work and not worry about sticking out.

By itself over a short-sleeve shirt, it is warm down to the 40s.  It is completely windproof, and the hood is very, very versatile and comfortable.  It allows you to move your head around freely, and isn’t constrictive.

The pockets are perfectly placed for normal use, and do a good job as hand-warmers.

The fabric is softshell.  It doesn’t pill like fleece, and is far more water/windproof.  I read someone compare the inside to Cookie Monster turned inside out.  Maybe shaved Cookie Monster…it feels ridiculously good.

It is far more breathable than my previous North Face jackets…a definite upgrade over their earlier soft shells (My NF jackets are 2-4 years old).  It is not quite as warm as the Atom LT, but still pretty warm.  What seems most amazing about this jacket is how versatile it is in climate regulation.  Work hard, stay warm but it breathes so you don’t get sweaty.  Stop working, and it locks in the heat and keeps you warm.  It’s like 2 jackets in one.  I was a bit worried that I would miss having pit-zips, but frankly, the fabric breathes better than I could have imagined.

I’ll update in a month or two when I get some more miles on it.  Closing thought: I wish Arcteryx made this jacket in a longer version, to wear for work and dress occasions…with a slightly looser fit to get a suit under it.


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