Surly Lou Doesn’t Fit 2012 Mukluk

I was really stoked to try out a new 4.8″ Lou on my 2012 Mukluk 2.

However, after a test fit, not all is well in the world.  The center lugs on the Lou hit the yoke between the chainstays on the Muk at 10psi.  At 15psi, the lugs completely lock-up on the yoke.  They’ll clear at 7psi or less…right now (but I’m advised that they grow significantly over a couple of weeks at pressure).  This is using 82mm Holy Rolling Darryls.

1450 grams

Lookin’ Beefy.

Pretty wide on 82mm Rolling Darryls.

Even with my modified cassette, the bottom 1/2 of the cassette is useless in the smallest chainring.

The middle chainring clears, no problem.

This is 10psi:

Lookin’ Huge:

It makes the Big Fat Larry up front look TINY.

This is the clearance at 5psi:

Buh-hmmer.  Back to Husker Düs?


UPDATE:  I left them at 25 psi overnight.  The next morning, they didn’t fit at all.  Not at all.  Not even at 4psi.  The amount they stretched was HUUUUUUGE.  It’s a no-go.


3 thoughts on “Surly Lou Doesn’t Fit 2012 Mukluk

  1. I own a 2012 Mukluk Ti, with Clown shoe rims, and I picked up some bud and lou tires on friday. The bud fit fine with no clearance issues. The lou fits fine also after adjusting the alternator dropouts some. My drive train is a 1 X 9 and the the two lowest gears on the cassette are causing some tire rub, so I am going to mess around with the tire pressure to see what happens. Depending on the chain rub issue at different tire pressures, I will remove two of the higher gears on the cassette to help minimize the rubbing issue.

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