Ben Berden’s Hydraulic Drop Bar Brakes

Just saw a video shared of Ben Berden’s cable actuated TRP hydraulic brake setup.

Watch more videos on CyclingDirt

(If that embed doesn’t work for you, click here).

I’ve talked about the TRP brakes before, twice.  I’ve even had the chance to ride a similar system (a Hope V-Twin setup).  I loved the feel of the drop bar functionality with hydro brakes.  There was a definite increase in braking power and modulation/control.  Frankly, though…I find the cable over hydraulic kludgy.

I can’t wait for SRAM to release their integrated drop bar system with hydraulic brakes.

Dear SRAM,

I’d like a complete set of your integrated hydraulic brakes for drop bar bikes.  SRAM Red, for the Vaya.  Please also include a 2013 Red front and rear derailleur, and a rear cassette.  (And of course, the brake lines and calipers.)

Very truly yours,



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