Kuat NV Rack Update

Brief update on my Kuat NV rack.

Best Rack Ever.  No complaints of any kind.

It will happily move 2 fat bikes:

And will even unhappily move a Big Dummy.

(Frankly, I wouldn’t recommend the latter…it was a very short trip at low speeds…but for real Dummy movement, you’d need another 12″ of NV width.)

One of my favorite parts about the NV is that it keeps the bikes centered behind the car (with all bikes other than the Dummy).  My VW is relatively narrow.  My old hanging bike rack left the rear tire of a bike hanging way out on one side…so with a bike like the Mukluk, you had a lot of wind trying to push the bike off the rack.  The Kuat keeps things evenly behind the car, and if the bike is wider than the car, just a bit hangs over on each side.

I have 0 complaints about the rack–it’s awesome, and highly recommended.


2 thoughts on “Kuat NV Rack Update

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