3T Integra LTD Stem

I’m a huge fan of technology, and a huge fan of my 3T Ergonova bars.  Let me start with that.

3T recently released their Integra LTD carbon stem, which features either an aero nose design, or an integrated Garmin mount, depending on how you’d like to mount it.  $350 and a reported 140 grams.

Loving 3T, loving technology, loving my Garmin, and loving creative new products, you’d think that this would be a shoe-in for something I’d aspire towards.

So when JimmyORCA posted about his new Integra LTD Stem on RoadBikeReview, I was interested to take a peek.  Here are his pictures, from that page:

I want to like it.  Really, I do.  But I just can’t bring myself to.  It’s too bulbous…misshapen…dare I say–Ugly.  Yes.  It’s ugly.  From my purely subjective, aesthetic perspective, it’s ugly.  Now I’m all about function too…but I don’t think I could bring myself to ride that stem.  It is just too…bluh.  Not my cup of tea.

I haven’t seen one in person or weighed one…but looking at those pics, I’d be surprised if it actually comes in at the advertised weight.  I may be wrong about that, but it looks a wee-bit more portly than 140 grams.

By comparison, I use the Bontrager Race XXX Lite stem that came on my Madone, and a K-Edge Garmin Mount to accomplish the tasks of serving as a stem and mounting a Garmin in a convenient, secure, aero position.  If you’re buying a stem and mount at MSRP, the Bontrager/K-Edge combo comes in more than 20% less expensive, at a weight that is within 10 grams.  That combo looks like this:

Simple.  Clean.  Elegant even.

It’s a novel idea, and I like the concept of the integrated Garmin mount.  (I’d like it even more if there was a universal computer mounting standard base).  But I just can’t bring myself to get excited about the 3T Integra LTD Stem.  Bluh.

Here are the mounting details for the Garmin mount, if you’re still interested.



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