K-Edge Garmin Handlebar Mount Review

The K-Edge is 40 grams of CNC’d aluminum joy.  It mounts your Garmin low, in front of the handlebars.  It is very adjustable, depending on the size of your Garmin Edge (as the different units are different sizes).  It mounts incredibly securely.  Mounting is a 30 second, 3 allen-screw affair.  Once mounted, the Garmin simply doesn’t move.  I would recommend taking the sharp edges off of the mounting detents, so it doesn’t shave the rear of your Garmin off…but that’s it.

It works amazingly well, and looks sharp as well.  Compared to the stem-mount, this is more secure, easier to see, and likely more aerodynamic…for a very small weight penalty.  I’ve played with the Barfly plastic mount, and this is head and shoulders above–far more rigid, far sturdier.  I will be using it on the Vaya and the Madone.  I would NOT recommend using it on a mountain bike, simply because where it places the Garmin would put it in harm’s way.

Great little piece of kit.


One thought on “K-Edge Garmin Handlebar Mount Review

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