It Could Be, It Might Be…

It Could Be…

It Might Be…

It Is…


4 thoughts on “It Could Be, It Might Be…

    • The Ridley’s fate…I dunno. Let’s see how the Madone rides first. Could I confine the Ridley to life on a trainer? Will the Ridley see rebirth in a more specialized fashion? We shall see. I don’t have plans right now. I’m basking on the glow of fresh carbon.

      As far as Madone v. Domane, I gave that a lot of thought.

      A lot.

      I really like the Domane…and for some of the chipseal we have around here, it makes a lot of sense. But ultimately, I prefer the rigidity of the Madone to the Domane for my road riding. I’m worried that on a Domane, I would be bouncing TOO MUCH. Maybe when I’m older and more frail, I’ll ride a Domane. (And if I was building a carbon gravel bike…nah). But for me, for now, I wanted lighter and stiffer.

      On that note…wait until you see how wispy the seatstays on the Madone are. I’m guessing it will be a significantly more comfortable ride than the Ridley is…even with how massive the downtube and BB are.

      • “Old and frail” you mean like that Cancellara guy? 😉

        I’ll hopefully be racing on a 2013 Superfly this year. In contrast to you “not being a hardtail guy” I might not be a FS guy. It certainly helps that the Superfly is one of few carbon 29ers truly engineered for both compliance and power transfer – much like the newer Domane and Madone. Enjoy!

      • I was hoping the sarcasm would come through…

        But seriously–the Domane is a neat bike. But it’s the answer to a question I’m not asking. Not yet, anyhow.

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