Do these panniers make my bike look fat?

Last night, had a great ~30 miles on gravel…the start of winter riding.

That’s Dan looking all wistful in the sunset.

This morning, I rolled out early for 47 miles on the Mukluk, with panniers, as my commute to a day of farming.



Twas a good way to start the day.


The Carver carbon fork and XO brakes are both still splendiferous. No reservations about the performance of either. I’m playing around with trigger shifters, and think I like them better than the stock grip shift. Time will tell. I’m also sporting a set of Ergon GS grips, as on the Superfish, and I am still full of superlatives for how they feel.

Speaking of the Superfish, we are on the eve of the Brown County Brodeo–and I’m definitely looking forward to that.


4 thoughts on “Do these panniers make my bike look fat?

  1. I enjoy your blogs, the amount of detail is just right for my taste. I’m a new Salsa Vaya owner, I purchased the full Vaya 2 back in July and then I started customizing, I’m very happy with the build so far. I’m in the pannier market, but I couldn’t make out the brand of panniers you’re sporting on the Mukluk. I’ve been eyeing the Racktime brand, living in central California allows me to get by with non waterproof bags and the external pockets are pretty handy sense I’ll be using them for commuting as well.

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