Product Peek: Ergon SR3 Road Saddle

I’ve previously blogged about my great affinity for Ergon’s new line of SM3 saddles, for both mountain and gravel use (I like the SM3 Pro Carbon, myself).  That positive opinion remains consistent, after over a thousand miles between the Vaya and the Superfish.

Bike Rumor has posted up a few pics from Interbike showing the new SR3 saddle from Ergon, due out on the market in a few months.

Both photos from Bike Rumor.

I’m going to skip comment on the sketchy “innovative new seatpost design” for now, and focus on the saddle.  The SR3 looks much like the SM3 in profile:

But obviously lacks the rubber bumpers at the rear.  The SR3 appears to have a more grippy midsection, and a slipperier nose…but I haven’t fondled one yet.  The SR3 also appears to have a lower profile composite block at the front…possibly a bit harder/less compliant for road use?

In any event, I’m excited to see Ergon’s product lineup expand, and will be curious to see how this new saddle rides, once they’re on the market.  If the SM3 is any indication, Ergon has done their homework.


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