Support your Local Bike Organization. Or support mine. (Axletree, Day 3).

Day 3 of Axletree writeups.

I’ve talked about Night Bison.

I’ve talked about drafting the perfect bike ordinance.

Here’s another Axletree post.  If you’re interested in an awesome Axletree t-shirt

or cycling cap,

drop me a message and I can get you details–or click through and order one.  Even if you have a little gap between where your sideburns end and your facial hair begins, like Ross (see above), these will still look great on you.

Or, you can just make a donation, if you’d prefer.

What does Axletree do?  Well, check back on the blog to see some thoughts about it.  Or check out past events, like Night Bison, or upcoming events, like the Bro Co Brodeo.  And look around on the Axletree site, to see the other cycling related items we’re working on…generally summarized as Events, Advocacy and Awesome.

Here’s one more way to support Axletree: buy some art-quality photography by Jason Boucher.  These are pictures from the recent Salsa ride, in DeKalb, Illinois.

Here are a few samples:




As the numbering implies, there are more pics available if you click through.  They’re also available in black and white, if you’re so inclined.  And if you’re wondering who that dashingly handsome guy in pics 5-7 is…well ladies, I’m sorry, but he’s taken.

Again, click here to see about ordering pics, if you’re so-inclined.  And if you’re wondering, Axletree is a Not For Profit Corporation.  We’re just about biking, folks–we’re trying to grow the local scene, and do things to improve the awesomeness of biking for everyone.


One thought on “Support your Local Bike Organization. Or support mine. (Axletree, Day 3).

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