Axletree Presents: BroCo Brodeo, October 6-7, 2012

Full details are here, on the Axletree site.

Or, if you’re so-inclined, on the Facebook Event Page.

The Axletree folks will get together in DeKalb, IL, early on Saturday, October 6.  We’ll caravan (or take a van, depending on the number of attendees) down to Brown County, and ride to our collective hearts’ content on Saturday.  Plan on a dinner in town Saturday night, plus an epic campfire back at the campsite.  (We have reserved a rally campsite with room for up to 50).

Sunday morning, back at the trails.

Sunday afternoon, take your anti-inflammatory of choice and revel in the lactic acid, as we head back to DeKalb to return you to your selected mode of transportation to return home.

We’re going to coordinate travel and camping based on the number of attendees.  Plan on bringing your own camping equipment–if you need some, let us know.  Depending on the number of attendees, figure maybe $30-50 for fuel and camping–exact budget contingent on the number of attendees.

What is Brown County mountain biking?  It’s flow.  A little bit of climbing…a long descent.  A little climbing…a long descent.  Ramped/banked corners.  Tons of trails–easily enough to keep you entertained for a few days.  Trails for all levels of riders–from bike path easy to barely walkable.  We will have trained bike mechanics on hand…bring your bike, and some spare tubes if so inclined.  We did an advanced scouting trip and–quite frankly–it’s about the best mountain biking that the Midwest has to offer.  Better than Palos.  Better than Kettle.  Better even than the amazing mountain bike trails in DeKalb.

If you were so inclined, there are some amazingly beautiful roads in the area that skinny tires would feel right at home.  If you’re not into mountain biking but have interest in exploring the state park and area via something with drop bars, let us know and we’ll see if there’s interest in putting together a touring ride.

Questions?  Sure.  Let us know.  Details will be made available…as they are available.


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