Fat or Skinny? Road or Cross?

The next couple weeks pose some challenging questions–that I’m excited about.

First, as I’ve previously blogged about, Saturday, 9/1 brings the Axletree Night Bison Gravel Nocturne to DeKalb, IL.

That poses challenging question numero uno: Fat or Skinny.

Do I rock out on the Mukluk and talk about the functionality of the Husker Düs + hydro XO brakes + carbon fork:

Or do I roll on the Vaya and blabber about the newness of the Whisky fork:

Or, for that matter, do I roll out the Superfish?

Man…I just don’t get tired of posting pics of that bike.

Problem Number B:

(I hate it when people do lists as #1, B, C.  You get to suffer my pain.)

Road or Cross?

Starting soon, North Central Cyclery and Axletree are going to start having both the regular Wednesday night road hammerfest, where I usually dazzle people with my astonishingly low wattage on the Ridley…

Or do I bust out the Vaya for some cyclocross training with Dan…


I believe both of these fall into the class of first world problems.



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