It was a beautiful Saturday morning, with perfect weather, perfect roads, perfect machines, and perfect friends. I’m fortunate enough to have those conditions present with some frequency. The amazing thing is that Gnat was able to capture it in pictures. (I’m the skinny dude with a shirt wadded in his back right pocket). Thank you for the pics, Gnat. Thank you for the demos, E-Fred. Thank you for the Vaytanium’s existence, Salsa.


Last weekend I was down in Dekalb, Illinois on behalf of Salsa Cycles to support North Central Cyclery. That sounds a lot like work and technically it was. However, I try to find time to ride whenever I go on work trips.  Makes work not seem as much like work. This past weekend was no exception as I got two good rides in over 3 days. Not bad.

Saturday morning started out cool and early. Our group consisted of 20+ folks and then splintered into a few different groups. I had a blast. Rode pretty hard. It felt good. I am pretty sure I was the only guy on the ride carrying both a digital and film camera. No sympathy though as the tough guy award goes to Andy who rode his single speed Mukluk Ti 38 miles to the event, followed by the gravel ride, and then…

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