Data Points.

Here’s the download from my power meter, for the Wednesday night group ride:

Here are the charts:

Here’s the ride totals:

Including the slow parts going out of town and coming back into town, 260 watts average, 22.4mph average speed, 84 average cadence.

Same data for today’s ride:

Again, including all parts of the ride, 56 miles, average of 20.7mph, average cadence 85, average 270 watts.

Note on both of the charts that it’s including all power readings generated during the ride…including 0 wattage (coasting) readings.

So with a group of 10-12, rolling at 22.4mph with basically no wind, average wattage of 260 for 36.57 miles.  With a group of 5-6, rolling at 20.7mph with reasonable wind out of the south/southeast, average wattage of 270 for 56 miles.  (Also…311 and 308 watts for 20 minutes?!?!)

Rolling on flat ground, light (relatively inconsequential wind), I’m showing an average of 190 watts at 21mph.  To get that figure I found a flat road, accelerated to 21mph and settled into a steady cadence, reset my lap meter, and took an average power meter reading headed one direction on the road, for 2.5 miles.  I then turned around, and repeated the experiment in the opposite direction (again with new lap after accelerating to speed).  One way, my wattage was 193; the other way, my wattage was 191.

My weight, pre-ride this morning, was 147, or 66.6kg.  Using the 20 minute max average of 309.5watts, that’s 4.64 watts/kilo, for 20 minutes.  According to most of the charts I see, that’s somewhere in the Cat 1-2 range.  I find that to be completely and totally implausible. I simply, flatly cannot believe it.  Either the wattage is off or the charts I’m seeing were created to make people feel good about themselves.

On the other hand, everything seems pretty consistent.  Wattage is within 5% on the two rides, cadence is within 1 rpm…difference in speed is attributable to size of group and wind…weird.

Summary:  I’m perplexed by the high wattage numbers that I seem to be generating–they seem implausible.  That said, the calibration figures for the power crank seem to be right-on, and the results from a solo-test ride (albeit a brief one–about 5 miles) seem to be plausible.  I’ll continue posting over the coming weeks, and try to get some accurate data.


4 thoughts on “Data Points.

  1. Download Golden Cheetah (free, best power softwear for Mac) then import your ride files and look at the numbers it gives you. Your numbers seem to be high. A 1.4 IF is impossible because a ride of FTP for 1 hour = an IF of 100. Based on your “test” of 195 watts = 21mph flat is similar to results on

    Power is fun and a great babysitter on solo rides. You can track your Form and Fitness. You need a baseline test on a climb for 20 minutes or trainer then multiply result by .95 ish for a good approx FTP number. Do your research and have fun with it.

    The stock Garmin Connect softwear has more bells and whistles now, but is guessing at NP and TSS it seems like, a TSS (training stress score of 564 is higher than riders get on a HC tour stage for 6 hours at 24 mph in high mountains. Based on your 20 minute numbers it says you can TT on the Ridley at 25mph on farm roads for 20 minutes.

    Good Luck

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