Velocity A23 Rim Review

I write often of my love for the Vaya.  Here’s the review of the Velocity A23 rims.

Have no doubt, these wheels were built up for the Vaytanium.

And they’re the 32H variety.

I’ve run everything from 30c slicks to 40c Marathon Mondials on it, with interludes at studded Schwalbe winter tires, Michelin Mud 2s, and a few others.  Ordinarily, it runs the Continental Cyclocross Speeds.  A review of the Conti’s and the Mondials is here.

The A23s measure 22.8mm wide at the outside of the braking surface (widest point)

And 17.8mm wide at the inside of the bead ‘hook’.

The 700x35c Cyclocross Speeds measure out at an indicated 33.3mm, at their widest point, at 60 psi.

Back to the Velocitys.  Mine are laced up 32H with stainless steel spokes and Chris King hubs.  With the growing interest in disc-braked cross/gravel bikes, many riders are looking at the Velocitys.  Here are my experiences:

The rims weigh in around 430 grams.  I’ve put mine through everything under the sun…hopping curbs, singletrack, road sprinting, close inspections of cyclocross barriers (and yes, cyclocross racing, even), mud, snow, ice, water…they’ve banged across logs and pinged off of broken concrete in rural creek crossings.  They have several thousand miles on them now.

After the first Gravel Metric, I had to pull the tires and tubes off, and swirl the wheels around to get the water out from behind the rim tape.

They haven’t had an easy life.

And yet, with all of the abuse that they’ve seen, they have been completely troublefree.  Sure–much of their strength is attributed to the craftsmanship of NCC and the bombproof spokes and hubs.  But in several thousand miles of riding, they’ve never been trued, from the original build.  Not once.  There’s no adjustment needed.  They are as true as they were on the first day I rode the Vaya.

They have been completely steadfast.  I’ve never had an issue with them.  Tires are easy to mount, but even at low pressures (I’ve run 40psi with 35c tires on them, in the winter, on soft limestone paths), I’ve never had a problem keeping beads seated.  They’ve never dented, the finish hasn’t pitted or scratched, they’re easy to clean, they’re quiet (even when they’re pounding down rocky gravel trails).  The wheels are stiff and responsive, and a great match for the compliance of the Titanium frame.

I wouldn’t hesitate, for a second, to use them on another build tomorrow.



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