Data Points

I’m going to try to be very forthright with my data points, as I get used to the Quarq power meter on the Ridley.

Last night’s NCC Wednesday Night Group Ride was a hammerfest.  About 12 riders, very light wind (2-4mph out of the Southwest).  38.5 miles at an average speed (GPS confirmed) of 23.2mph.  That includes the 16-18mph rollout leaving town, slowing down for corners, stop signs, and the like…that’s a total elapsed time average.  According to the Quarq, I averaged 272 watts last night, on the ride.  I was beat at the end of the ride, but 272 watts average for 1 hour and 40 minutes-ish seems like a huge number.  I’m very, very surprised by it.  Calibration was performed, weather conditions were relatively constant, no technical glitches noted.  I’m not sure I can explain that one–but 272 seems like too big of a number for me to put up.  To put it into perspective, at 145 pounds (65.5 kilo), that equates to 4.15 watts per kilo, average, for 100 minutes.

That’s ridiculously high.  That’s like Cat 2/3 category high.  I may be many things, but I’m not a Cat 2/3 category rider.  Facts are facts.  That said, the results from a new, just-calibrated, apparently properly functioning power meter are hard to argue with.  This will be an interesting experiment.


2 thoughts on “Data Points

  1. Your average watts might be from your Garmin device and that device can be set to include or exclude zero values. If you got it from software like WKO or Cheetah it would be a NP number that is more realistic. It sound like a great ride, speeds were good, but your area is mostly flat and the more people in the group the less work you did.

    • Saying that our area is “mostly flat” is kind of like saying that the guys at Surly are “somewhat unique.” It’s flat. There’s no two ways around it.

      I definitely do need to work through the settings and see if there’s something in there that is throwing results off. I was working hard, and taking a very fair share of pulls…but still–that seems unrealistic.

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