Bike Naming Poll. Creativity Needed.

Some bike names come easy.  Calling a Big Dummy “the Dummy” isn’t rocket science.  Likewise, calling a Ridley Noah “the Ridley” doesn’t take much creativity…and the name just sounds appropriate for the bike.  The Vaytanium name just happened–probably from Tobie at NCC, and the Schweet Mukluk?  Honestly, when first I saw it, Schweet was the first word that came to mind.

That brings us to the Spearfish.  Here she is, all dolled up, in final form.

I’ve experimented with different names.  There’s been the SuPearfish, the Spearfusion, etc.  None of the names have stuck.  At one point, after suggesting that it “rides like buttah”, I even briefly considered the Butterfish.  (If you’ve never eaten butterfish, I highly recommend it).  With the carbon rims, I’m tempted to go all black ops…(Stealthfish?)  In the end, I’ve yet to come up with a suitable name.  This isn’t Inigo Montoya–this is something new.  Different.  Better.  What, oh what, should the name be?


One thought on “Bike Naming Poll. Creativity Needed.

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