Too Much Newness. Salsa Beargrease, Salsa Colossal, Salsa Warbird

Soooo much coming out of Saddledrive today.  I’m following the NCC Twitter feed, which is @nccdekalb.  It’s late.  I’m tired.  But if you haven’t seen them yet…

Salsa Warbird

Titanium framed, disc-brake, enve carbon fork’d gravel racer?  Loving that full length housing.

Salsa Warbird in Alloy

Disc Brake’d, ENVE Carbon Fork’d, aluminum frame’d gravel grinder.  (Don’t ask me why it apparently has 105 controls on it).

Salsa Colossal available in steel.  (Note–earlier report of it being available in aluminum were incorrect).

Aluminum Frame’d, ENVE Fork’d, Disc Brake’d road racer.

Also available in titanium.

Notice the common ENVE fork on all 3, and the matching head tubes?  Those are bikes in need of hydraulic disc brakes.

Salsa Beargrease

28 pound, lightweight aluminum frame, lightweight fork’d fatty racer.

Details are from the NCC Twitter feed, MTBR, and Bike Rumor.



11 thoughts on “Too Much Newness. Salsa Beargrease, Salsa Colossal, Salsa Warbird

  1. All the reports I am seeing is that the Colossal is steel. Our local salsa dealer there and said that it is steel and Tim from salsa says on that bikerumors page : “The Colossal will come in 3/2.5 seamless double butted titanium and double butted 4130 chomoly. All will have the 44mm headtube, and all specs and framesets include their partnered ENVE fork.”. Which makes me a lot more interested.

      • no problem. like I said I just have LOADS of interest in these bike as I am thinking about buying a Vaya (which is why I started reading your blog) and wanted to make sure they weren’t introducing a vaya replacement. The Colossal looks cool, but I think ultimately less all round than the vaya.

      • Agreed. It does look cool, and the larger head tube makes a lot of sense for road riding. I’d love to see the tire/chainstay clearance, but I’m guessing it’s good for maybe 28 or 30c tires.

        The Warbird, with its flattened chain stays and larger triangle is very exciting though…I’m really curious about its geometry. Frankly, I don’t need an oversized head tube on my Vaya (I’d rather have compliance), but I do like the full length housing and big triangle.

  2. Salsa has figured out a way to slice down the market of mixed-terrain riders in so many ways… Doing equal parts market research and market creation… I love it!

    My only problem is deciding between a Colossal and a Warbird (and whether to sell my Vaya RIGHT NOW).

  3. I’m very curious about the geometry of the Warbird too. Will it jus the a disc-specific Con Crosso? A Vaya, except light? (and with a shorter axle-to-crown, courtesy of the regular CX fork)? I don’t think we can lose either way.

    Salsa also announced a stainless, S&S-coupled Vaya. It’s a testament to the rest of the bikes they announced that this could be lost in the shuffle!

  4. Why did Salsa spec these with Enve forks when they have Whisky forks at their disposal since they (salsa, whisky) fall under the QBP umbrella? Strange.

    Don’t they trust their sister brand? Doesn’t Whisky make forks with apprpriate rakes and lengths for the Warbird and Colossal?

    • There is a lot of speculation on MTBR. My thoughts: ENVE is proven, there are no doubts or questions about their delivery schedule, and they had a suitable product. I can’t imagine anyone deciding against buying the bikes with an ENVE fork. I can see people questioning an unproven product with Whisky, though. As cool as their products look, they simply haven’t delivered their products (or a functional website) to market in the time that they had originally suggested that they would.

      Oh, and ENVE is awesome.

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