Riding Against the Train, the Grain, the Plain.

There’s a railroad track that we often cross on our Wednesday night group rides.  It’s on a main highway in town, and doesn’t have any crossing arms–if that tells you how frequently it gets used.  I’ve driven through that area thousands of times over the past few decades, and have never been stopped for a train there…until Wednesday night’s ride.  Wednesday night, things got a little crazy.  Someone randomly front-flatted on a clear road, we were crop-dusted by…a crop-duster, we hit a train at a crossing that is never used, and we had a relatively terrifying road rage incident.

I’m going to refrain from blogging about the road rage incident at present, because I don’t want to publicize something that could jeopardize the proper outcome of the incident.

It’s been a busy week and I haven’t gotten to blog much.  Tobie at NCC showed me some amazing pics that the Atlantic posted on their website.  Among them are two riding against the grain shots…

Ridiculously beautiful.

In other news, a certain SuPearfish 1 showed up in DeKalb recently, and is awaiting some parts.  Initial assembly may have occurred…details to come.

This weekend’s ride will be a rest day on Saturday and a fast century on Sunday.  The Ridley is aching to roll.


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