Revealing the Path

About two years ago, I got serious about cycling.

Last year, I got really serious.

Last year, I also became aware of the movie Ride the Divide and one of its protagonists, Mike Dion.  I became aware of the awesomeness of Salsa Cycles, and the creativeness of Jason Boucher, the head of Salsa (or Gnat, as many know him).  I became aware of all of these things through Tobie and the gents at North Central Cyclery, a local bike shop for which my affinity is frequently displayed on this blog.  With NCC, I came to be involved in Axletree, a fledgling not for profit supporting awesome cycling events and promoting bike advocacy.  I also came to be acquaintances of Mike and Jason on the great evil of Facebook–and amazingly came to know many of the cast of characters featured in Ride the Divide.  (And quite frankly, I’m still pretty damn peeved that Mary Metcalf-Collier’s super-hot Siren was stolen).  Several months back, I saw a bunch of the Salsa guys going on the trip of a lifetime doing an Alaskan fatbike adventure, and dreamed of future adventures like that, of my own.

Where do all of these things intersect?

Many moons ago, I became aware of a Kickstarter project supporting a little flick called Reveal the Path, which was to unveil the creative genius of Mike Dion.  In for a penny, in for a pound…I jumped at the chance to support what sounded like a very innovative movie.  As the movie progressed and more details were revealed, I saw the very prominent role that Salsa takes in the movie.  I’ve blogged about that interaction a bit here–including the recent note on Salsa’s inclusion of their full suspension fatbike in a recent Reveal the Path related movie.  And as the movie was unveiled and started opening around the country, I’ve been intensely jealous of the premiere events going on all over the place.  I even recently hit up Mike Dion on Fb, asking when there would be a midwest premiere in reasonable driving distance of Northern Illinois.

Well folks, details are forthcoming, but I’m amazed to hear that our very own North Central Cyclery will be hosting the premiere of Reveal the Path on August 18, right in DeKalb, Illinois at the historic Egyptian Theater.  And, as if that isn’t enough, Salsa will be doing a showing of their 2013 product line.

I’m speechless.  I see the amazing creativity of those around me and have to admit that I’m a bit awed.  I’m proud just to have an idea who some of these people are.  Lines in my life are intersecting in an incredibly exciting fashion.

The Path will be Revealed.


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