Holey Rolling Darryls

The Schweet Muk came with Rolling Darryls, with the pre-drilled speed holes in them.  The stock holes are significantly smaller than the 1.5″ holes that many are using these days.  In the interests of science, I wanted to look at other hole options for the RDs.  I ended up deciding to dry drilling out the unused spoke holes, from their stock (tiny) size to 1/2″, to see what the weight change was.

You can see the stock holes here:

And the extra holes here:

It took about 45 minutes to drill the holes and dremel file the burrs off of the rims.  Total weight savings?


3.32 pounds, or 1506 grams.

Post drilling?

3.25 pounds, or 1474 grams.  So a savings of 32 grams, (0.07 pounds, or 1.12 ounces).  In other words, not so terribly meaningful.  The appearance is good…but for 32 grams, I’m not sure if I’m going to invest the time and effort in doing the rear wheel.  There’s far more weight loss to be had by simply going to a lighter tube…a lighter rotor…or both.  I’d say this mod is not worth the effort.



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