SRAM XX1 (1×11) Details

As reported on Bike Radar.  A few more details are on the Bike Rumor site, too.

Chainrings ranging from 28t to 38t.

Cassette with a 10-42t range.

X-Horizon Rear derailleur.

Grip and Trigger shift compatible.

Why is this important?  (And why is it under consideration for the SuPearfish?)

It is expected to be significantly lighter than current groups–and should be, with no front derailleur and a single chainring up front.

I run a 2×9 setup on my Rumblefish, with a bash guard.  That gives me a high gear of 32/12  (2.67:1), and a low gear of 22/36 (0.61:1).  With a 28t chainring on a 1×11, you’d have a high gear of 28/10 (2.8:1) and a low gear of 28/42 (0.67:1).  With a 30t, you’d have a high of 30/10 (3:1) and a low of 30/42 (0.71:1).  In other words, a single chainring can cover the same ratio spread as a 2×9…and can get pretty close to a 2×10 (albeit with larger jumps).  That’s pretty nifty.

For my riding, my lowest gear is really never used, and my highest gear is used with some frequency, gapping between trails, etc.  I’m looking to build up a very lightweight, FS 29er that will be used for all of my mountain biking pursuits–from trail riding to the potential for a few MTB races next year.  XX1 makes perfect sense for the bike I’m contemplating.  Light, simple, flexible, elegant.


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