Husker Dü, First Revü

Had a chance to mount up the Husker Dus today, on the Mukluk.

Preface: the only tires I’ve ridden on the Schweet Muk are my Big Fat Larrys (4.7″).  They measure an actual 4.1″, mounted on 80mm wide Rolling Darryls, measured to the outside edge of the tread lugs.

They’re holding up quite well, with quite a few miles on them.  I’ve had occasional problems with the valves in the Surly tubes not holding up well, and I’ve had a few flats from bushwhacking the Muk through uncharged territories, but no tire issues.  I’ve actually ridden them with tire pressures as low as 3.5psi in the front and 5psi in the rear…in snow.  With the BFLs, the Muk weighs in at…

The BFLs themselves, again with quite a few miles on them (~1,000) weigh in at…

3 pounds, 3 ounces, or 1440 grams.

A tire lever is convenient to get the BFLs popped off the rim on one side, but they then peel off easily.  Those are the 120tpi BFLs, by the way.

The Husker Düs are the new ‘lightweight’ 120tpi tires.  They’re supposed to weigh about 1240 grams, and are rated as a 4″ wide tire.  Mine weighed in at 1270 and 1280 grams, so close to the rating.

In comparison to the BFLs, the Husker Düs save about 170-180 grams per tire, or about 0.4 pounds per tire.  I was hoping to drop a full pound of rotating mass, but that would require changing the tubes to something lighter, or going tubeless.

On that note, I’m contemplating going tubeless, but want to confirm that I really like the Husker Düs, before I dü it.

Mounted up, the Düs measure out about 3.5″ wide, again going lug to lug.  (Note: all of those measurements are at 8.5psi).

The BFLs have a nice round profile on the Rolling Darryls.  The Düs have a pretty round profile as well:

They look good on the Mukluk–very aggressive.

They don’t look nearly as big as the BFLs (that extra 0.6″ in width is very noticeable), but the tread is far more imposing.  I mounted up the rear Dü backwards, as the reports I’ve read have suggested that this is the best mounting for traction.

For as aggressive as they are, they roll pretty nicely on asphalt.  I haven’t had a chance to ride them on the trail yet, but I’m looking forward to it.  The beads seated easily, and mounting them was a completely tool-free experience.

In fact, on that note, the beads are really, really loose.  They’re loose enough that it takes some concentration to keep the tire on the rim when you’re trying to pump enough air into the tire to seat the bead.  I was really, really surprised by how pliable and loose the bead was–definitely more so than the BFLs.

I’ll give some updates as soon as I get a chance to put some miles in.


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