42, 21, Hut, Hut, BIKE!

Brief update today.

Yesterday saw 42 miles at an average speed of 21 on the Ridley.  Started out with a group of 4, dwindled to a group of 3.  Wind was variable and mild.  That average speed was a true average…hitting start when leaving the parking lot, and hitting stop when returning…so that includes stop signs, corners, pausing to find a mailbox, waiting on a train, etc.  The “moving” average speed was closer to 23.  I’m quite pleased with that.  As a reward, the Ridley got a bath last night.


In other news, I’m working on the details of the Spearfish build.  That looks like it’s becoming a late summer/early fall project.  The Rumblefish may be going on the market, if that build comes together.  I’m also looking into evaluating a set of the new, 1,200 gram lightweight Husker Dus for the Mukluk.  I’ll post up some thoughts once I rustle up a set.

Longer term plans include the following:

1.  Consider a power crank for the Ridley.  I think I’m reaching the point in my training where having power figures would be helpful in upping my game.  I’m getting a ton of mileage, and a lot of high effort rides…I think applying some science would be helpful.  I need to do some research, and I also need to consider whether a power crank will or will not be helpful.  Part of me worries that having a power crank would lead to the same sort of over analysis that lead to my abandonment of a HR monitor.

2.  Vaytanium upgrades.  Some time in the next year, I’d like to consider throwing some blingy wheels on the Vaya.  Maybe a set of the ENVE 3.4 SES Clinchers built up with a disc brake compatible hub?  Hopefully in that timeframe, the new drop bar hydraulic brakes will be available, and I can contemplate getting rid of my current, somewhat temperamental Avid BB7s.

In unrelated news, so far in 2012, I’ve put down more miles than I did in all of 2011.  Current tally is about 3,500 ‘training’ miles.  That doesn’t include Big Dummy miles, and it doesn’t include several rides I’ve done over the past several months either without a monitor (easy spinning miles), or miles that I don’t consider training rides (e.g. the Bikamping trip).  It’s a gorgeous day out today, but I get to spend today chillin’ with my family, which I’m excited about.



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