Why a Spearfish?

I’ve been blogging for months about a Ti El Mariachi build.  Why did I have a recent conversion to a dream Spearfish?

Well, as posted in the Hardtail Angst thread, I think I’m more of a FS kinda guy.  And the more I look at the bikes, the more I’m convinced that a Spearfish can do everything an El Mariachi can do.  Looking at Spearfishes out bike packing like these (below) has continued to convince me that is correct:

That pic is from Kurt Refsnider’s recent interview on the Salsa blog.  In that interview, he discussed why he chose a Spearfish:

Kid: You rode the Spearfish during the filming of Reveal The Path. How did that bike treat you?

Kurt: I loved the Spearfish. I was going to bring my El Mariachi hardtail that I rode in the Tour Divide, but at the night before we left, I was reading about how rough and rugged many of the trails in Scotland were. That combined with our first quick shakedown outing on some spectacular mountain trails in central Colorado were enough to convince me to bring along the Spearfish for a little more fun. And I was glad I had made that decision, especially for riding the incredibly rocky West Highland Way in Scotland.

The more I think about it, the more a Spearfish sounds like a more versatile ride.  (That, and it can replace the Rumblefish.  Anyone need an obsessively maintained, gently used, FS 29er?)

And then I see pics like this, which whet my appetite even more.  (That’s a clean Spearfish, man…)

I don’t remember from where that picture was procured–but if it’s your bike, it looks like a supreme epic roadless touring rig…and you could drop the bags and have a lightweight, efficient, full suspension 29er to carve up the trails.

Still daydreaming.



3 thoughts on “Why a Spearfish?

  1. HA! That bottom Spearfish is mine! It only looks clean there as id only just got onto the offroad section after 25miles of cycle-path and country roads out of Edinburgh, let me assure you it got muddy soon after… as i tramped through a knee deep bog (stupid GPS!) in a typical Scottish summer downpour.

    You probably found the pic on the Flickr salsa group. The rest of my pics from the trip are here… http://www.flickr.com/photos/dickyelsdon/sets/72157630001757947/with/7159089683/

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