Existential Hardtail Angst.

I’ve previously blogged, at length, about my enthusiasm for building up a Ti El Mariachi (even naming the as yet unbuilt bike).  And all that changes in the kerblinky of an eye.

After Sunday’s ride and a bunch of other similar rides on the Rumblefish, I’m realizing that I may not be a hardtail guy.  Or a single speed guy.  One of the gents on the ride was talking at the end, lamenting that he was riding a bike with multiple gears, and wishing for the simplicity of single speed.  I was gleefully rubbing my derailleurs, and thanking the heavens for trigger shifters.

And as I watched guys bash over the rocks and obstacles on hard tails, I was glad for all of the cush afforded by the Rumblefish.  But I would love to drop some of its weight…and have a suspension that is a bit more stable for climbing efforts…and I really don’t need all of its rear travel.

Where am I going with this?  At the risk of irritating The Lazy Rando, I’m outlining a new bike build.  The RATG Halo Mountain Bike.  A Spearfish 1.

18″ Spearfish 1, Frame Only.

Fox Talas 100mm travel fork with remote controls.

ENVE XC 29er rims, with Sapim CX-Ray bladed spokes and Maxxis Ikon EXOs (tubeless), laced up by my man Hand of Midas…

to special hubs that will work with the SRAM 1×11 drivetrain (nearly all of the gear ratio of 2×10, with plenty of options for my riding…and nearly a pound less weight).

Whisky bars and seatpost (if they ever start selling them).

Avid XX World Cup brakes.

That’s the new halo build, folks.  The bits and pieces should be similarly blingtastic.  Since most of it is vaporware, don’t start holding your breath just yet.  A fully built weight of around 24 pounds should be doable.  Oh ENVE…SRAM…fairy godmother…


4 thoughts on “Existential Hardtail Angst.

  1. I wouldn’t trade 5 bling hardtails for my FS bike. Add a hardtail to the MTB fleet as a companion to the FS rig? – sure that’s sensible, but for most of my riding a FS bike is much more fun.

    I started riding MTBs when rigid was the only option so I’ve done my fair share of old school trail riding and I and not sad that FS designs made their way onto the scene.

    That said there are a lot of crap FS bikes being sold!

    safe riding,


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