Xtracycle Sidecar–Products that Intrigue

I’ve posted of my Big Dummy love before…

I just saw that Xtracycle is pre-marketing their new SideCar for long tail bikes (including the Dummy).  Details at the link.

I’m not sure that it’s a product I have a need for (my Dummy loads tend to fit within the capabilities of the Dummy as configured in the Review, with or without Sideloaders), but it certainly is a neat concept.  I’m really, really curious how it impacts handling, given that it hinges at the bike–you’d think that would make it hard to keep the bike upright with a heavy load…but perhaps not.  Maybe if you put heavy loads out towards the outrigger wheel?

In any event, it’s an interesting idea and concept, and I’ll be curious to see how well it is executed.  For inter-City deliveries (where the bike goes out loaded and returns empty), this may be a great alternative to trailers…since you can fold it up out of the way when you’re empty.



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