Everything is ready. Chain, bottom bracket, hubs, headset, idler pulleys, pedals, brakes…all lubed, adjusted, cleaned, loose. I’ve been experimenting with a higher saddle, lower bars for a couple weeks. This will be the test. 3 bottles for the predicted 98 degrees on Sunday. Everything is ready.



4 thoughts on “Ready

    • Thanks!

      Made one last change to the configuration this morning. Dropped the third bottle holder on the bottom of the down tube…even with a short bottle and some washers to angle the bottom of the cage out, away from the bike (to give more clearance between the bottle and the front tire), there’s still less than 1/4″ of clearance there. With ~65 miles of gravel, that bottom bottle will be nasty…and hard to access. I’ve now thrown on a seatpost-mounted, “TT” style 2 cage holder. I’ll throw a few pictures of it up later this weekend, post-race.

      That gives me 4 bottles of water. I’m thinking that the water stops are going to be bottlenecks…with 4 bottles, I should have no problem being self-supported (even with the predicted heat and sun), with a little cushion in case things turn ugly.

    • Yeah…I don’t have a feed bag…not that I don’t like them, but I don’t presently have one. They do look like a nice piece of kit, though!

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