Two Wheel Drive Fatbike?

CJBrubaker on MTBR recently posted up his 2wd Fatbike.

Here’s the bike (with a nice Lefty setup), pre-conversion.

And here it is, post-motor conversion.

He’s running either Big Fat Larry’s (for general use and sand) or Nates (for snow or mud), on the 100mm rims.  The front hub motor is a Nine Continents 2808 mounted to a Choppers US 100mm, 36h rim.  He reports that he’s using the same 36V battery that he uses with a Stoke Monkey on his Big Dummy.  With that setup, the motor has enough power to spin the front tire in the snow…apparently, moderation is required with application of the front motor power.

That’s a lot of extra weight, but it’s an intriguing thought.  If Surly ever gets around to Big Fat Nates…..a set of BFNs…at 6psi…with 2wd power…means that just about no snow could stop you.


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