ENVE Smart 3.4 Clincher Review Update

Consider this to be the 140 mile update on the ENVE Smart 3.4 Clinchers.

I have no complaints of any kind.  I am convinced that there is an aerodynamic advantage at speeds over 20mph.  And frankly, even if the benefit was only mental, that’s still a benefit.  They are palpably stiffer and more responsive than the Fulcrum 3s that I used to run, both in terms of acceleration and lateral stiffness.  I have noticed a significant change in handling with the ENVEs.  I hadn’t previously noticed the Fulcrums deflecting with steering input…but now riding with the ENVEs, I can tell that the Fulcrums were.  The ENVES steer NOW.  Not nervous, but direct.

I’ve dragged them over a fair share of potholes, and over the infamous Peace Road bike path humps in DeKalb, with no ill effects.  140 miles is way too soon to make any conclusions about durability…but so far, so good.  I love the DT240 hubs.  The front hub is stiff and quiet.  The rear hub is stiff and reasonably quick to engage.  It would be nice to have faster engagement–and if they get rebuilt, I’ll do the upgrade to 36 teeth to help with that.  The pawls do have a nice, quiet, smooth sound and feeling.

They’re hot.  Seriously hot.  That’s all.  More to come with more miles.


4 thoughts on “ENVE Smart 3.4 Clincher Review Update

    • I would ordinarily be inclined to agree with the observation…but at one point on a former bike, I had a set of Mavic Aksiums with an incredibly noisy front hub. It would whir incessantly, and was quite annoying. Several attempts at lubricating and adjusting (both by me and by a former bike shop) failed…and ultimately, I ended up replacing the hub. Mavic would not replace it under warranty–they indicated that the noise was normal. The replacement hub was not noisy. But in any event, it’s really annoying to have a noisy front hub, so now I pay attention when checking out other wheel sets.

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