I’m sharing one of my favorite bloggers here, for two reasons: 1) it’s a great story; and, 2) he talks about how great Relevate bags are. There are some really high-quality, independent bike furnishings manufacturers (tailors?) out there. Eric Parsons at Relevate (now making the branded Salsa/Surly frame bags)–I have a Tangle from him that I love. Scott Felter at The Porcelain Rocket–I have a whole kit of bags from him–booster rocket, handlebar bags…the whole nine yards. And Erin Vazquez of Frontage Roads–made me a super-nice custom frame bag for my Mukluk. What a wonderful cycling world we live in.

A Therapy For Pain

From very early in the planning of our Easter trip, I had been keeping a very close eye on the river levels on the route, especially the Macquarie… And for good reason…

As mentioned a bunch before, it has been a wet year… Super wet… A month out from the trip, the internet told me that the Mac was at about 1.9 metres… I had a long conversation with my Dad about exactly what this means, and apparently there is no standard for river depth measurement and you’re best to just ask the locals…

You will have maybe noticed in the Easter pics that there is all kinds of debris and drift wood lodged WAY up in trees, and the same was true of the Macquarie…

That’s a fucking scary thought…

We stopped at the Mac for some lunch… While the girls swam and made sandwiches with three different…

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