Happy April. I pity the fool.

Yeah, ok.  Last post was a joke.  A lame joke at that.  I would say that the last post was obviously a joke, except that I received a few emails inquiring if it was true.

No.  I did not sell the Vaytanium.  No, I have no plans to sell the Vaytanium.  Nor the Mukluk.

The post was in jest about many of the things that I find amusing in the world of cycling.

Buying stuff online and taking it to an LBS to assemble?  Yeah…that seems a bit lame.  Not quite as lame as the guy I met who owned tens of thousands of dollars of expensive bikes and had to take one to Performance to have a new brake lever put on (for flat bar, cable activated brakes.  No cable housings to cut, no lines to bleed.  Just have to loosen two 4mm allen screws…).  But pretty lame.

Buying flea-bay Chinese knockoff products?  Yup.  In my mind, it’s lame.  I’ve posted extensively about why I support local bike shops.  You may save the sales tax or a few bucks here or there.  I guarantee my shopping experience is richer and more rewarding.

Motors on bikes?  Electric or gas?  Yup.  Lame-o-schmame-o.  (Ok–I can see some of the arguments for electric motors on bikes under certain circumstances, where it’s needed to supplement human power to do ‘carlike’ things.  But generally speaking, motors are, in my mind, the antithesis of bikes.  Much of the joy of a bike is powering yourself…and seeing others power themselves.  Motors seem like cheating.  Lightweight parts and bike upgrades, on the other hand…those are totally fair.)

And the aero helmet?  I had it on backwards because it wouldn’t fit on my big noggin in the proper orientation.  See–I told you I wasn’t normal.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.


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