Trainer without TV. A day without contrast.

Sported the Vaytanium this morning, for a metric century, mostly gravel, with a few of my homies.  Illinois is, as one of them said, a very boring place to live.  I likened today, with its overcast skies and complete lack of contrast, as being akin to riding a trainer without the television.  Yup.  It’s that exciting.

This morning’s metric did remind me that in just a few weeks, I have the NCC Gravel Metric coming up.  I’ve spent all winter doing 90 minute – 2 hour rides.  I’ve gotten much stronger and faster.  And for the first 35 miles this morning, I felt pretty darn strong.  By mile 45, I was starting to crack.  By mile 55, I was looking forward to the end of the ride–something I don’t ordinarily do.  Granted, I did go out riding a bit harder than I should have…had I thought about riding 50 miles (the original plan), I would have paced a bit better.  The en-route decision to go 60 just compounded my decision.  I needed this morning–it gave me some encouragement to get out and do some longer rides and get my endurance legs back soon.

Tomorrow is the day for the big news reveal on RATG.  Tune in then.


One thought on “Trainer without TV. A day without contrast.

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