Does Not Compute…

Every once in a while, I see a bike build that does not compute.  Like the one I’m going to post about below.

Start with a Niner A9C (AirNinerCarbon).  Beautiful carbon frame, designed with eccentric bottom bracket (EBB) and single speed use in mind.  Hardtail.  Great for a light buildup.

Then, add a carbon Lefty.  Sounds niiiiice.

Then, add some really lightweight ENVE wheels.  Sounds sweet.

Build it up with a single speed drivetrain to make it really lightweight…

And then ignore the EBB, throw on a funky/chunky 2 pulley idler system, flat pedals and bald tires.

Apparently, the flat pedals are so that it can be used as a commuter.  ??

The build is supposed to be 18 pounds as it sits.  Build details are here, and pics are from singleninerspeed on MTBR.

If you put a good set of clipless pedals on, ran an EBB and ditched the crazy tensioner system, upgraded the cranks…you could probably drop close to a pound of weight.  And even if you accept the premise of using this bike as a commuter and kept the flat pedals…why would you possibly use that drivetrain system?  Niner advertises the bike as being designed to be EBB compatible.  Why would you use something more complicated, more prone to breakage or damage, heavier, more susceptible to dirt/mud, and less aesthetically pleasing?

It’s a beautiful bike in many regards…but when I get down to a couple build details, I just shake my head.  Does not compute.

Separately, it will be 74 degrees and clear at 7pm tonight.  Sounds like perfect conditions to blast some gravel and get ready for Saturday’s Barry Roubaix.


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