Exponential (15,000 Views).

We seem to have hit some sort of tipping point.

Back on 2/24, I had blogged about reaching 10,000 views.  Those 10,000 views came over the course of 3 months.  Now, in just over 3 weeks, we’re closing on 15,000 views–and we’ll be over that today.  Heck, there have been almost 200 hits by 11am, CST.

What do I think about that?  I think people want to read detailed product reviews and fun product reports, just like I do.  I don’t think I’m in any danger of becoming Bike Snob New York any time soon…heck, I’m not even in danger of becoming Guitar Ted or Vik.  But nonetheless, it’s pretty nifty.

Expect more of the same.  You’ve been warned.


2 thoughts on “Exponential (15,000 Views).

  1. I think people read their website stats to see who is stealing their images or who is hitting their site from where… That’s how I got here, at least. :p

    Dan, my customer/friend who has celiac, was just in today. I pointed him toward this blog. Where’s my finder’s fee?

    • Platy,

      You get 30% of all proceeds that I make off of Dan. Since there’s no way for me to make money from this blog, I’ll even increase that to 50%.

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