True or False–RATG edition.

Today’s RATG is a True or False edition…The truthful or falsified items are listed below…and are followed by the answers (keyed by number).

1.  Form Cycles has an awesome new full suspension fatbike.

MTBR has an article up on Form’s new full suspension fatbike.  Pics from MTBR follow.  Beautiful Ti frame:

Nice full suspension rear with flexible chain/seatstays:

And a wonderful lefty front end.  Man, I find leftys intriguing:

Of course, the BFL front, Husker Du rear makes it all the more dreamy.

2.  I had an awesome ride tonight, with great scenery.

The better half is out of town, so I waited until my little princess was asleep, and then mounted up for a great ride, with some awesome scenery:

3.  I invented a cycling game.

My exercise bike is barebones.  Turn a knob to adjust resistance.  No computer.  No feedback.  So tonight, I set up the laptop on a table, and watched Cowboys and Aliens while riding.  When I set that as my goal, I didn’t realize that it was 2 hours long.  D’oh.

As I rode, I came up with a game.  Every time I saw Daniel Craig’s abs, I’d crank the resistance up as high as I could, stand, and hammer for 5 minutes.  Every time I saw Olivia Wilde make dreamy eyes at Daniel Craig, I’d spin as hard as I could for 2 minutes, seated. If you’ve seen the movie, you know that my ass was kicked.  If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend this game.  Do not make it a drinking game.  You will die–very well preserved.

4.  Origin8 has come out with a new fatbike tire that looks interesting.

Yup.  Bikerumor has covered it, and it’s been posted on MTBR.  1200 grams, 4″ wide, kevlar bead, $55.  Reasonably aggressive tread for summer/dirt use.

Pic from Bike Rumor.  I’d say it looks interesting.  I’d prefer the deeper lugs and slightly more aggressive tread of a Husker Du…or frankly, a Nate, were I going to replace my BFLs.  Or, to be really frank, I’d love a Big Fat Nate to run on the rear end.  But seeing more tires in the marketplace is great.

5.  Because watching a movie while biking was so awesome, I’m now preparing for Barry Roubaix with a new cockpit setup.

Barry Roubaix is 30ish miles.  I think that I ought to be able to finish it in 1 viewing of Cowboys and Aliens.  I tried with my Macbook first, but it wasn’t very stable.  My wife’s iPad worked much better.

The other advantage is that I can blog while riding, for the full duration of the ride.

1.  True and False.  Form did come out with the sweet Ti Fatbike shown above…they call it a softtail.  It does have a lefty.  It does have a BFL/HD combo.  It is sweet.  But calling it a “full suspension” fatbike is nothing more than sensationalism.  For as much as I like MTBR, their “cycling news coverage” does exaggerate quite frequently, and with great vigor.  Seriously…how much travel does this bad boy have in the rear?  Full suspension?  Not really.  Heck, a Salsa Fargo comes with a Thudbuster seatpost.  Does that make it full suspension?  By the way, Form is an awesome company.  It happens to be the ride of choice of the Sara, as shown in the School of Spearfish Hammerfest.

2.  False.  It was not an awesome ride.  There was no scenery.

3.  True.  It.  Was.  A.  Long.  Time.  To.  Ride.  Inside.  Biking “game” helped me keep my sanity.  Quads and calves are presently revolting.  Or convulsing.  Or convolting.  It’s not just Barry Roubaix that I’m thinking of.  Soon enough, New Glarus will be upon us.  And I’m going to make G-Matt suffer.

4.  True.  And it does look interesting.  I’m not running out to buy one, but it looks interesting.

5.  Absolutely True.



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