Cool People make you Feel Cool.

You know that feeling, where there’s someone out there that is cool, and they say they like something that you like, so you feel cool by association?  You know?  Cool people make you feel cool.

Unless they’re talking about how uncool you / your thing are.  But this isn’t a post about that.  This is about cool people making you feel cool.

Jason and the amazing folks at Salsa (makers of the Vaytanium, the Schweet Mukluk and the as of yet theoretical Inigo Montoya) just posted up on their Salsa blog that they are the title sponsors of the North Central Cyclery 2012 Gravel Metric.

Salsa Blog Linky Here

I rode the 2011 Gravel Metric.  It was my first HTFU ride.  Ever.  I was quite a ways behind Jason, so what he shows as quaint mud on a B-road was shoe-eating muck by the time I arrived.  (You can see his 2011 blog post on it here).  The pleasant, calf-deep creek-crossing he shows was more than belly-button deep when I went through.  (I distinctly remember questioning my sanity as I was holding the Vaytanium over my head, clambering across rocks in road-shoes, trying to cross a relatively raging country creek).  And then there was the lightning (lots.  close).  And the rain (lots.  drenched).  And the hail.  Ow.

It was one of the craziest things I’ve ever done.  Riding back into town with a raging Gurler Road headwind, by myself, was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  But I did it.  And it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.  It was cool.  Super-cool.  So I’m totally stoked that NCC is doing it again in 2012.  As I blogged the other day, I’m totally stoked to have the opportunity to support their video–because it will be a cycling cultural experience, and not merely an advertisement.  Even Bike Rumor thinks so.

Beyond that, I’m really pleased to see Salsa step up into their role, and to see Jason’s involvement.  Cool people make you feel cool.

<Note to self: I’ve gotta start training harder.  I think it’s gonna be crowded this year.>



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