You ain’t just Whistlering Dixie.

Sorry.  Couldn’t come up with a better title.

Long day, sore legs, great runs.  Typical Whistler conditions–fog at the bottom, snow at the top.  Some limited visibility areas, but good temperatures all day, and plenty of snow.  It might be the first time I’ve been at a ski resort and seen this:

Every run open.  (This was just part of the mountain(s), but still, everything was open).

We started when the lifts started rolling, and skied until they stopped.  I was skiing with Danica and the Extreme ™.

Not great for scenery, but great for skiing.

We hit everything from green catwalks to the unrated Harmony Ridge and the double black North Flute Bowl.  I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but I did leave a lot of tracks.  Also of note, the Rendezvous eatery on the mountain had a number of gluten/dairy free foods, including gluten free buns that doubled as coasters for your drink.

And in the realm of terrible action skiing shots:

I didn’t even try to edit the pics.  No time–gotta hot tub and eat.


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