Inigo Montoya Update

No…not really.  But I’ll take any excuse to post some pics of hotty-boombotty titanium bikes, to rekindle the Inigo Montoya thread.

There’s a good build thread going on MTBR right now, about a Ti El Mar buildup with some  reasonable components.  Apparently, a Large ti frame weighs in at 1884 grams, or a shade over 4 pounds.

There’s something oh-so-nice about the Salsa logo on a titanium head tube.

Photos credit of AOK, author of the MTBR post.

And I’m still taunted by the lefty ti el mar build that keeps popping up on MTBR.

Again, photo credit to the bike’s owner.

Also intriguing are the recent pics posted of a steel El Mar built up single speed, rigid.

That’s from the El Mariachi thread…which I highly recommend against following.  It’s addictive.

Mental challenge: combine the single speed aesthetic and simplicity of the steel El Mar with the titanium frame.  I’ve been doing some searching, and haven’t yet found someone who has done a complete weight-weenie build on a single speed Ti El Mar with a suspension fork.  Think that’s too narrow of a niche?  Come awn, Google!




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