10,000 (+) Views

I’ve been monitoring the stats, and had meant to put up a ‘thank you’ post when I hit 10,000 unique views.  As it turned out, I played hooky yesterday and went to the Shedd Aquarium with my better half and mini-me (better 2/3?), and missed it.  As of this morning, we’re well on the way to 10,500 unique views.  Since my Mom doesn’t really know about the blog, I’m pretty sure that most of those are other people.  So it appears as though I occasionally write about things that others find interesting.

The top topics have been reviews of Gore bike clothing (Brendan, you out there?), reviews of the Salsa Mukluk, Vaya and Spearfish, and the Sedona School of Spearfish series.  I’ll keep talking about products that I use and love, and products that I hope to someday use because I think I will love them.  And I’ll keep talking about trips and rides that inspire me–because I read about so many other riders out there…Vik, Dummy Diva, Jason, Chad, Jay, Ted…the list goes on–whose rides inspire me.

Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “10,000 (+) Views

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