Friday’s Coolness: Thinking outside the box.

Just a quickie for Friday…

Lefty, Belt Drive + Drop Bar + Carbon + Bamboo + Fatbike = some really cool projects from Drew Diller on MTBR.  That’s a pretty crazy list of stuff to put together…when I started reading it, I was thinking that it was a bad idea–a list of cool ideas, where the end product is less than the sum of the parts.  But it works…surprisingly well.  A few more builds, a little less disclosure, and Drew’s ready to go commercial.

Maybe Salsa needs to start making “Bamboochippers”.  Oh, and Drew…let me blow your mind.  Internal cable routing for the rear disc brake.  That would be super, super, super clean.  I’m deathly curious how it rides.

Full Thread Here.  Starts getting really good around page 4.

Oh, and tandem axles.  Midget Bushtrekka.

That’s right.  A tandem-axle, pop-up bike camper.  Not sure what they were imbibing when that concept came to the designer’s head, but hey–for serious bike touring on improved surfaces, travel in comfort.


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