Road Bike Disc Brake Madness!

I don’t want to claim to have an inside track on the industry or anything…but my recent post about disc brakes (and hydro disc brakes) for drop bar bikes was prescient.  [Sarcasm] I mean really, I think I’m the only blogger talking about disc brakes for road bikes.  [/Sarcasm].

The interwebz are full of information today about SRAM’s new hydro disc brake road levers.  Velonews is covering the story, and for that matter, Bike Rumor is covering the story.  I’m pretty sure that Velonews and Bike Rumor are pressing this issue heavily based on the stir caused by my post.  (I omitted the sarcasm markings there, but rest assured…they’re implied).

Point being…Disc Brakes.  Drop Bars.  Get used to it.

In other disc brake/road bike news…just saw some great pics of one of the first new Volagis to hit the stores…thought they were: 1) interesting; and, 2) relevant, in light of last week’s disc brake epiphany.

Full Story Here, courtesy of PlatyPius on RBR.

Pics from that thread:

Shipping box:

Well packaged bicycle:


Nice detail:

Complete bike:

Matte finish and wheels are purty.  Disc brakes are soooo intriguing.


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