Cycling inspiration is typically a non-issue for me.  When I have free time, to the extent that it doesn’t impact upon time with Mrs. RATG and the little RATG, I like to go for a ride, screw around on a bike, or work on a bike.  When I do need some inspiration, looking at the Vaytanium, or a magazine, or a similar source of inspiration does the trick.  So I’m rarely at a loss for inspiration to ride.

Seeing movies like that inspires me, though.  It inspires me to ride better.  In addition to the relatively ‘normal’ biker goals (faster, further, more efficiently), movies like this have shown me that I need to set another goal: better.  For 2012, one of my most significant goals is to ride better.  Better technique, better bike handling, better technical skills.  I don’t have a goal to jump picnic tables on my road bike.  Heck, I probably won’t be jumping picnic tables at all.  Probably.  At least not on a road bike.  (Don’t worry, Mrs. RATG).  (And this is probably the last time that I’ll refer to her as that, now that I see how unappealing it is in print.  Hereafter, Mrs. RATG will be Ms. Information, based on the great celiac research she’s done…er…  Ok, name TBA.)

 But I do want to work on bike handling and all of the various subsets of skill, for road and trail.  2012 has been the first year that I’ve felt confident jumping potholes on a road bike.  For that matter, it’s the first time I’ve really started to feel comfortable jumping small logs and such on a mountain bike–having previously been more of the ‘crash into and bungle over’ type rider.  Better technique–an aspiration for 2012.
If you’re weak stomached, stop reading before the Kanye West.
[Robot Voice] Work it, make it, do it…makes us harder, better, faster, stronger. [/Robot Voice]
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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